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Matt Frederick started baking and candy making for friends and family at an early age. Moving around the US and overseas while growing up exposed him to a variety of cuisines: his first cooking classes were in grade school in Melbourne, Australia.

He worked in pastry and baking for restaurants in Boston while attending the BU College of Fine Arts and was soon hired directly by private customers.

After moving to NYC for NYU grad school, Matt completed the Professional Pastry and Culinary Management programs at the Institute for Culinary Education. He has worked for a number of restaurants in NYC including Flute and Union Square Cafe. Since deciding to focus on chocolate and confectionery work, he has studied with such masters as Paco Torreblanca, Stefan Treand, Anil Rohira and Jean-Pierre Wybauw.

A member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, Culinary Historians of New York and Slow Food, he continues to study and travel, researching confectionery traditions and innovations of cultures throughout history and around the world. He admits to being fascinated to find ways that these explorations can update recipes for contemporary tastes.